It’s March 18, 2023. What will you have accomplished three years from today?

I was on the phone with a coaching client today for a wrap up call for their engagement. One of the questions I ask is “Describe your life over the next three years, as though you are looking back and it has already happened. What would make those three years AMAZING?” As I walked through this exercise with them, I realized that three years ago today I was in the last weeks of a job I had unexpectedly lost, doing my best every single day under extremely challenging circumstances, but with no idea what was in store for me for the next three months, much less the next three years.

Now, here I am three years later, with blessings abounding, professionally and personally, living a life and career I literally did not even dream of three years ago: making a difference in my clients’ lives, and learning new lessons for my own, in every single coaching conversation.

I clearly don’t mean to compare the uncertainty we are facing today due to the coronavirus to my job loss three years ago. It is totally a coincidence that I am writing this post today. However, that look back does remind me that there are blessings ahead of you beyond your wildest imagination, and with Faith, Family and Friends and maybe even some Fun (what can I say, I love alliteration!) three years from now you can be living your dream as well – even if, like me, you didn’t even know what that dream would be. Today is the day to take that first tiny step (thank you Google!) toward identifying or achieving that dream.

 Wishing you safety, health and love during these challenging times,

Cheryl Williams,

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